Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Buying your fishing pole

First you need to figure out the level of fisherman you are. Are you a novice, someone that may go fishing once or twice a year and what type if equipment you are now using and do you understand how to use it. Next choice is the experienced fisherman, that would be to person that goes fishing several times a year and you know how to use your equipment well and have a well stocked tackle box. Next choice is expert. This fishermen has several types of fishing poles and reel and know how to use them all. He will pick out different types of equipment depending on the type of fishing he want to do that day.

Most of us do not fit in the expert class of fishermen. There is a large number of fishermen in the novice class. It is to this type of fishermen I hope to talk to today. When you go to the sporting good store looking to buy a new rod and reel I recommend you pick out  an 8' salmon/steelhead rod with a medium action. Get the best rod you can afford. Don't go over board with the price but on the same hand don't buy the cheapest. Although, I have caught salmon on a $15.00 rod and reel and one of my favorite rods for trout was only $10.00 for rod and reel. The inexpensive salmon rod I steel have and use now and again.

Most of the time you will purchase a spinning rod and reel which is the easist to use and is used for every type of fishing you will do. Please be sure the rod and reel fit well together. Don't get a reel that is to small or to big for your rod. Generally they come as one unit. Hold them and purchase the one that feels good to you. Be careful not to pay attention to what someone else is telling you about the different outfits. Purchase the one that fits you well and is easy to operate.

Next, take the rod and reel home and rig it up and do and couple of practice cast in the yard and then load up the car or truck and go fishing. Remember this is a outing and I want you to enjoy yourself. It doesn't really matter if you catch a fish or not, although that is why we are there, at least you got out of the house and into the outdoors.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fishing at the Lakes

A little over a month ago a good friend of mine and her husband, went fishing at the lakes above Dayton, WA. There are 7 lakes up there and are planted regularly. We went to Curl Lake and were catching a few fish when the fish department truck showed up with a load of fish. The guys driving the tuck said they had 500 large trout in addition to the regular planters.
Thinking we are in the right place at the right time for once, we got ready for the fish to be unloaded. The tuck went around to the opposite side of the lake we were on but that was alright, we figured we would just have to wait a little longer for the fish to get over to us. As we waited we could see a few people starting to catch the bigger fish. Well, Dale hooked one of them and landed it, nice fish. Then I hooked one but the fish spit the hook. Next Lucy hooked one and the fish spit that hook too. Well, at the end of the day it seems everyone on the lake caught at leased one of the bigger trout except Lucy and I. Guess that why the call it fishing not catching.
Last year the fish and game department were considering closing the lake and not planting them any longer. They said it was to expensive to maintain and plant the lakes. I don't believe that would be a smart move. To many people depend on the lake for their recreation and take there kids up there fishing. I believe the sport fisherman  pays for themselves by the dollars spent on licenses, gas, food, fishing gear, bait and many other things they but to go fishing. It is, in my opinion, typical for the government to take the easy way out. We tend to gripe and not really do much to stop these thing from happening.
Upon occasion I will fish the Icicle River in Leavenworth, WA. We used to be able to catch 3 fish and then they decided to cut down to 2 fish and finally down to 1 salmon a day. They figured that the river was being poached so bad they had to lower the catch limit. So they made up for the poaching by cutting the fisherman who fishes legal. I don't know why the couldn't catch the poacher and take there equipment and vehicle. After doing that a few time the poaching would stop. Again, that is just in my opinion.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Charter Fishing

Charter fishing is really one of the best ways to go fishing. I have gone on charters in both freshwater and saltwater. Generally fishing this way on freshwater you only have three to five fishermen on a boat. Saltwater fishing is totally different, I've been on boats with thirty fishermen. Now that is a crowded boat.
It is even good to go on a charter the first couple of times when fishing freshwater even if you have a boat. The captain shows you the hot spots on the river. Now there is no guessing where to go on the river that is if you can remember. I personally think charter fishing is the only way to go on saltwater. The weather can turn on you quickly and the big fifty foot boat is more comforting. You can call me a coward been out there when I was very thankful for the large boat and the captain.
One time a friend and I were signed up to go out on a boat in West Port, my favorite place to go. We had to get up early the next morning and the guys in the room next to us were drinking pretty heavily and getting louder and louder as time went on. I was sleeping thru most of it but my friend wasn't. I woke up when one of them fell against the wall. I asked Mark, my friend, if he was asleep and he told me he hadn't gotten any sleep. I told him I would go next door and ask them to tone it down since we had to get up in three hours to go fishing. Mark said they were pretty drunk and didn't think it was safe for me to go over there. I told him if he wanted he could come with me but he that was not safe either since there were six of them and only two of us. So, I went next door and he stayed in the room. Actually the guys were very nice about it and thanked me for letting them know it was so late since they had to get up and go fishing too.
The next morning Mark and I got up and went to breakfast before going to the boat. We didn't see any of the guys from the room next to us. I figured they were still asleep and would miss there boat for fishing. Boy was I wrong. Not only were they up but the boat the were going out on was the same boat Mark and I were on and they were drinking already.
It took about an hour to get out to the fishing grounds and by then a couple of them were
asleep. There was one young man about twenty-one or so from the group that was drinking, who was fishing but not looking to well. His line went tight with a salmon on the hook. He set the hook and started reeling the fish in when I got a salmon on my line too. He started to turn green and then he exploded and started chumming, if you know what I mean. I got my fish landed and the young man was chumming and reeling alternating between each. He kept his rod tip up and line tight. He finally got the fish landed and finally stop chumming. I patted him on the back and told him good job.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Help in Finding Fishing Equipment

 I have found several different sites that might help you in finding different type of fishing equipment from fishing rods to fishing pole holders. I hope these help in your search and your fishing experience.

Bike Mount Fishing Pole Holder
I've received lots of compliments from other fisherman, and the other added bonus is they double as pole holders when you get to your fishing spot. Just make sure you secure your bike to a tree or something. ... I used to do a lot of bike fishing as well, I attached the pvc to the bike frame, angled slightly backwards so when I threw my leg over I wasn't always hitting the poles, I also cut a notch in the pvc for the reel to slide into preventing the pole from rotating ...
Publish Date: 04/17/2011 22:31
Pole Exercise: T-H Marine Rod Holder Review
One for fishing rods and the second to be creative with then tell Amazon what other great uses you found. Click Here to see more reviews about: T-H Marine Rod Holder These rod holders mount horizontally or vertically. ...
Publish Date: 04/29/2011 7:50

p>Best Fishing Rod | Fishing
All Rite Catch and Release Double Rod Holder ATV rod rack carries two fishing rods vertically across the back of an ATV. The fishing rod reel slides down split channel in tube and locks into place, keeping the rod secure even while ...
Publish Date: 04/26/2011 12:10

Fishing Pole Holder
Ultimately they need to use their tool of choice, the fishing pole. For those that respect the process of fishing, respect their poles, and sometimes they need a fishing pole holder. For those of you who are not fishermen, ...
Publish Date: 04/20/2011 10:38

Reel Combo | Fishing Secrets
Description. It can be used with Access Control Cards, Keys, IDs, Badges, Whistles, Eyeglass Holders or a variety of other items. If you want it all in an attractive Lanyard or Reel, this is it. ... Bring the joy of fishing to your friends and family with this excellent Worm Gear Fishing rod and reel combo set.This is a great combo set with all the features and durability to get anyone involved in fishing, young and old alike. ...
Publish Date: 05/04/2011 1:24

I hope these will help you in your search.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good Fishing Memories

When I was twenty-seven I got a job in Wenatchee. Shortly after moving there I meet a young man name Mark and he invited me to go fishing. Well, it didn't take long to find out that fishing is about all he did. Since I was single at the time we went fishing as often as we could.
Mark had a small twelve foot fiber glass boat with a hole in it. I told him if he sold me the boat for seventy-five dollars I would fix the hold and we could float the Icicle River in Leavenworth and fish for the salmon. He agreed and sold me the boat and I patched the hole. Mark told me he had floated the river many times so we loaded the boat and he and I and my father-in-law Mike went up to the river in Leavenworth. We put the boat in the water and got in the boat. Mike in the back, Mark in the middle to handle the oars and me in the front.
The river has a lot of  twist and turns and the first turn in the river is a big drifting hole for the bank fishermen and they take their fishing very seriously. Well, Mark is in control for navigation and Mike and I are setting back enjoying the scenery when I notice Mark is not staying close to the inside bank of the river and I told him we needed to move over to that side. Mark said no problem and he started trying to move over but the current was strong and he was not able to move over and we drifted sideways into a big rock and got stuck on it. To make things worse the rock was at the top of the last whole where the salmon held up for the drift fishermen.
Now picture this, we hung up on the rock and the bank fishermen, about fifteen or them madder then blazes threatening to sink the boat, I told Mark he had to pull us up off the rock. He tried several time unsuccessfully and the when I of the guys on the bank threatened him he just through the oars down and crossed his arms and told us all to just stuff it.
I finally talk him into moving to my spot and I moved to the oars. Now remember I have never rowed a boat before. After about three tries I got off the rock but the bad thing is I had to move over to the bank where the fishermen were to avoid passing over the salmon whole at the top end of that drift. They didn't have to many good things to say to us but we made it through them and down the river.
My father-in-law hadn't said much during the whole thing. Well, I found out later that he didn't know how to swim so I'm sure that was on his mind while we were hung up on the rock. All good memories.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fishing With Friends

Shortly after graduating from high school is when I started fishing. Never was able to go fishing with my dad so after graduation I bought a fishing pole and went fishing. I loved it and went as often as I could.
I often went by myself. Actually I did not really care if I caught a fish. I enjoyed being at the river and just enjoying the morning. The sunrises were beautiful and the smell of the air was awesome. Many times I would fall asleep for a little nap. Fishing is the most relaxing thing I have ever done.
One day a couple of friends and I decided to go fishing down on the Columbia River by the big boat dock. We were fishing for bass and not doing very well so we moved around hoping to do better. Looking back on it I think it was the fishermen not the fish was the problem. No matter we were have a great time. I remember standing on a rock, casting my lure and slowly reeling in and my buddy about five yards from me cast his lure. Well a few seconds later something hit me on the side of my head so hard it blurred my vision. I turned around, thinking some hit me with a rock and I was going to beat the guy into the ground. Well, no one was there so, I turned back facing the river and started to reel my lure back in when I saw my shadow on the water. I called to my friend and told him to stop reeling. He didn't stop so I yelled at him to stop reeling and then he yelled back and asked why. I told him to look at me and when he turned around he and my other friend start laughing because I had his lure stuck in my ear. Well, after they had their laugh, they both came over to see if they could take the lure out. Luckily the hook had not gone pay the barb and the were able to remove the lure. We continued fishing but I change spots with my friend.
Another time I went fishing with another friend down by a place where there was a railroad crossing over the river. We both picked out a comfortable rock and cast our worms into the river. Neither of us really caring if we caught anything or not. We both had a few little bites but had caught nothing. Well finally it looked like a fish was being serious about taking my bait. I waited for the right tug on my line and set the hook. The fish started running and taking line. I could not stop it so I clamped down on the reel and broke off the line. I geared back up and cast back out. It only took about five minutes and another serious taker of my bait started in and I set the hook again and again the fish took off running away from me and I was unable to turn it or change its direction. Before he took all my line I once again broke off my line and my friend and I packed up and went home. We decided it must have been a big sturgeon and with the pole and line I had there was no way for me to bring it in.
These are great memories.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Favorite Pastime


My Hobbie

Most of us men don’t really think of what we can leave our children as a keepsake. Something they will use and enjoy having and maybe handing down to there children. I am not any different. I didn’t have anything either. Actually didn’t ever think about it until I got sick. That’s always an eye opener.
However a few years ago I decided to take a class on how to make a fishing rod. I made myself a trolling rod for salmon fishing on Puget Sound. I enjoyed that so much that I decided to make each of my grandkids a rod using their favorite color to wrap the guides on with. I signed the rod with a special wording that made each rod special for each of them. Well, my son liked them and kept bring it up that I made him a fly rod. It came out great and he loved. My daughter-in-law wants one and my son-in-law wants one. I just order the material to make an ultra-light fishing rod. Not sure who I will give it too.
I think I will make a movie out of making this rod. My next posting will be on making a keepsake. This should be interesting since I have never done anything like that. I don’t have a clue how to put a movie clip into one of these postings. You might keep an eye on my blog  just to see how this all turns out. The only thing I am sure of is that the fishing rod will look good. It seem the more rods I make the better they get. I really should make my oldest grandson a new rod since he was the first and when you put them all together you can certainly tell it was the first one made. Maybe I’ll give him the new rod, not the parents.